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How empathy could move Montréal’s Parc La Fontaine into the XXIth century

Montréal’s large and elegant urban parks have been at the centre of a city-wide reflection on how to keep their glow alive for the next hundred years. We have used service design approaches and methods to learn about the “DNA” of Parc La Fontaine’s experience to come up with Air, a new way to experience the park through soundscapes. The strength of this project lies in its initial ethnographic research, which allowed us to pin point specific differentiating factors that serve as ground for Air, a new kind of fluid, open-air concert space.

Air is a work in progress that links the Théatre de Verdure (theatre in the park) and, or other venues to the grounds, making it a networked experience that extends far beyond the physical boundaries of the park. The service design approach led to a systemic multi-channel vision of what this urban leisure experience could be.


Annemarie Lesage

Director of UX Research and Design
YU Centrik


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