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Welcome Home: Designing the Intake Experience for Incoming Syrian Refugees to Canada

We may know about service design and user experience in the context of products, but what kind of experience is it when you’re displaced from your home and community—everything familiar to you—and forced to navigate through unknowns in search for a better future? What this really boils down to is simply the human experience.

Soon after being elected in late 2015, Justin Trudeau, who had campaigned on the promise of bringing 25,000 refugees to Canada by year’s end, moved swiftly to make it happen. But how do you move 25,000 people across the globe? Practically? Logistically? Safely?

Join this talk for a presentation outlining how a team of medical experts was tasked with planning and deploying temporary healthcare clinics for incoming refugees to Canada. The presentation will touch on the operational context, key challenges encountered, and lessons learned in working to bring these new citizens to Canada.


Justin Kirkey

Associate Director, User Experience Design
Healthcare Human Factors


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