Canada's first service design conference


Unleashing the New Unicorns ­- Service design minded product teams

Unlocking great digital experiences requires more than just smart wireframes and intuitive flows. In order to bring truly impactful user experiences to life, product design teams need to go beyond the screen and explore the entire customer journey in order to expose the full potential of their products, platforms and the brand as a whole.

The good news is, you probably have a strong group of service design minded practitioners within your team. The key is giving them the freedom to explore beyond the boundaries of the brief.

In this workshop, we’ll explore how giving your product design teams the freedom to be more service minded and think systematically can create transformative experiences that shift the mindset of both customers and companies. We’ll look at the organizational systems and processes that often stand in the way of bringing strong user experiences to life and how these new service ­oriented teams can overcome them. We’ll also look at how these integrated teams work within the agency world and how you can apply some of those learnings to your organization.


Scott MacGregor

Associate Experience Director

Payam Shalchian

Strategy Lead


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