Canada's first service design conference


The evolving nature of how we communicate and sell Service Design to organizations

Our panelists bring three different perspectives from across Canada about the changing nature of how we sell Service Design, and talk about Service Design to organizations.

Viewpoint #1: Selling Service Design has shifted from human-centered design projects to the capability building of in-house teams. Everyone wants to be able to Service Design. Toolkits and courses are becoming a commodity; journey templates, blueprint maps, principles and prototype tools are free and easily available. Though not everyone feels they have the confidence to champion this philosophy and mindset quite yet. The soft skills are still critical.

Viewpoint #2: We can sell journey maps, talk about touchpoints, use and share Service Design tools as long as we don't try to present it as a new kind of design. Shouldn't we change the conversation and address our clients differently? Shouldn't we talk more about transforming their organisation, building a strategy and enhance the quality in services rather than using some wording that nobody understands?

Viewpoint#3: In response to an uncertain and complex landscape, the Government of Alberta retains in-house designers to develop legislation, regulations, policy, strategy, public services and infrastructures. Examples and insights are government-wide spanning recent health system reform efforts, energy markets, natural resources management, climate change and democratic reforms.

Panel Moderator: Josh Greenhut


Jonathan Veale

Innovation Strategist
Civic Innovation YYC / City of Calgary

Joelle Stemp

UX Expert and Entrepreneur
Yu Centrik

Tamsin Smith

Harmonesse Service Design

Richard Z'Graggen

VP, Head of Experience Design
LVL Studio


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