Canada's first service design conference


A Crash Course in the Art of Stakeholdering

Design Thinking is a misnomer. Getting stakeholders to think in customer centric manner is relatively straightforward, yet often yields little in terms of actual change. Getting stakeholders to shift to doing is the real challenge and a far more significant accomplishment. How might we truly drive change and put service design into practice? This requires more than stakeholder support - it requires commitment, trust and active participation in a process that can be unfamiliar or even frightening in a corporate environment. Workshops provide an opportunity to challenge the worldview of your stakeholders and expose them to the truths of customer behaviour. It’s an opportunity to transform them from supporters to believers by creating an environment where they can experience the magic of a user-centred collaborative process.

In this working session, we will examine how you can use stakeholder workshops to take your key internal partners from service design thinking to design doing through:

  • An easy-to-use framework to understand your various stakeholders
  • Proven techniques for engaging and aligning stakeholders who have varying degrees of commitment
  • The importance of pacing and the flow of activities for effective workshops
  • Real-life examples of successful stakeholder workshops


Chelsea Omel

Service Design Manager

Patrick Bach

Senior Manager, Customer Experience Design
TD Insurance

Markus Grupp

Director, Digital Customer Experience


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